Get Up and Dust Off If You Stumble Over Work From Home Stones

Most people are human. I know, I know, this is something you’ve long suspected, but have never had the courage to bring up in public. Well, you we’re right. In fact, we can see evidence of people’s human-ness all the time by the errs that they make. Just watch anyone who has one of the numerous work from home jobs. They seem to be making errors all the time.However, they are noble creatures, which all of us could learn from, especially if you’re amongst those that are thinking about pursuing one of the many work from home careers. Specifically, you could learn how after they stumbled on their particular professional path, they got up, dusted themselves off, and trudged forward.IsolationUndoubtedly, this is a very human problem. Our biology, after all, dictates at least some bona fide social interaction (sorry, emails and video conferences don’t count). Most people who successfully work from home have developed the ability to integrate others into their lives.If they’re married then they don’t have to go much further than the sofa in the living room. However, for the rest of us this means making a concerted effort to actually call back other live humans and arrange to meet up. You may think I’m being sarcastic, but communication is not a talent, you aren’t born with it. Use it or lose it.Self-disciplineIt is not easy to doggedly pound out hour after hour of work while the TV and Internet and all their titillations are softly cooing in your ear.If you have work from home employment though, you’ll have to learn not only how to discipline yourself from giving into this susceptibility, but also how to tear yourself away once you finally do. After all, we’re human; we’re sometimes going to give into our baser needs. The ability to minimize those times is what separates the successful home based businesses from the unsuccessful.Self-discipline (revisited)On the other end of the productivity spectrum is overworking yourself. You may verbally commit to your wife or boyfriend that you’ll stop working at a certain time, but find yourself sneaking away after dinner to finish up “just one more thing”.Not only is an inability to manage your need to work a bad thing for your personal life (see isolation), but it’s also bad for your professional life. You can’t consistently produce competent work when all you do is labor. The mind needs to recharge. Those who are successful at working from home have eventually learned how to do this.

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