All About Game Music Videos

Game Music Videos (GMV’s) are commonly identified as machinima music videos as well. They are a category of machinima video which makes use of a video game soundtrack or recording to narrate the tale of some song. People who make game videos pick a tune, remix of a song or combine different songs and then match them with gameplay clips that has been created from one game or multiple video games. These gamers then produce a very comprehensive and interesting to watch video without the heavy overhead of modern music videos like those produced for top selling musical artists. Game Videos can be produced by combining a variety of games. On the whole, these videos are created by means of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games since the figures have a very large variety of actions and emotions, more than any other genre of games. Extremely famous massive multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft are employed to create Warcraft music videos and RuneScape provides a platform to produce RuneScape music videos. Almost all game types have been used in the creation of this vein of machinima including First Person Shooters like Call of Duty and Counter Strike and Real-Time Strategy games like the Command and Conquer series.

Game Music Video Culture

The game music video culture was developed quite recently, about six years ago. This is not enough time for anything so new to be completely evolved which means GMV’s are still in the developing stages. That’s great news for aspiring video producers out there giving them the freedom to really experiment with the style they create their videos in, adding in different effects, etc.. Some of the most popular uses of music in game videos is known as a “Frag Movie” or a “Frag Video” these types of videos show a skilled FPS player showing off their skills in clips of incredible frags or kills in one or more games and is set to several songs throughout. Many of these videos are created for “COTW” or Clip of the Week. Because GMV’s are made with video games the genre will always be going through evolutionary changes to adapt to the new, more popular games and game types. This allows the genre to grow and bond with gamers as they change their taste with games, something that traditional music videos can not accomplish as easily with the general public. With the evolution of music videos, this industry offers beginners lessons along with the videos; this caters to the platform that the new learners require. In the long run, this comes out to be the saving route and in addition they get the entertaining factor.

How to Create Videos for Games

It is not particularly difficult to create music videos for games. Anyone can easily produce these by using windows movie maker. Start with recording a lot of scenes of gameplay from your favorite game like World of Warcraft, RuneScape or Duke Nukem. You can use Fraps, Game Cam or other video capture software to accomplish this. Always keep in mind that having a large number of scenes in your video will make your video look more professional. Also having a variety of scenes will ensure that there is enough footage to edit through to make the video. Secondly you choose a song that compliments your plot and scenes. If in case you have a song preference, then you can create your story according to the song. Now you combine the scene in rhythm with the song. Make sure the audio levels of the cut scenes are minimized to zero so that the sound of the clips is not audible behind the song. It is really irritating if voice of the scene is mixed with music. Make sure the music and scene are in order and a scene is not on screen for more than fifteen seconds since that looks unprofessional and effortless. Use your own artistic creativity to include effects in the video.

Finding Videos

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Get Up and Dust Off If You Stumble Over Work From Home Stones

Most people are human. I know, I know, this is something you’ve long suspected, but have never had the courage to bring up in public. Well, you we’re right. In fact, we can see evidence of people’s human-ness all the time by the errs that they make. Just watch anyone who has one of the numerous work from home jobs. They seem to be making errors all the time.However, they are noble creatures, which all of us could learn from, especially if you’re amongst those that are thinking about pursuing one of the many work from home careers. Specifically, you could learn how after they stumbled on their particular professional path, they got up, dusted themselves off, and trudged forward.IsolationUndoubtedly, this is a very human problem. Our biology, after all, dictates at least some bona fide social interaction (sorry, emails and video conferences don’t count). Most people who successfully work from home have developed the ability to integrate others into their lives.If they’re married then they don’t have to go much further than the sofa in the living room. However, for the rest of us this means making a concerted effort to actually call back other live humans and arrange to meet up. You may think I’m being sarcastic, but communication is not a talent, you aren’t born with it. Use it or lose it.Self-disciplineIt is not easy to doggedly pound out hour after hour of work while the TV and Internet and all their titillations are softly cooing in your ear.If you have work from home employment though, you’ll have to learn not only how to discipline yourself from giving into this susceptibility, but also how to tear yourself away once you finally do. After all, we’re human; we’re sometimes going to give into our baser needs. The ability to minimize those times is what separates the successful home based businesses from the unsuccessful.Self-discipline (revisited)On the other end of the productivity spectrum is overworking yourself. You may verbally commit to your wife or boyfriend that you’ll stop working at a certain time, but find yourself sneaking away after dinner to finish up “just one more thing”.Not only is an inability to manage your need to work a bad thing for your personal life (see isolation), but it’s also bad for your professional life. You can’t consistently produce competent work when all you do is labor. The mind needs to recharge. Those who are successful at working from home have eventually learned how to do this.

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Health And Fitness And Weight Loss – How Important Are They?

These are three important factors of life that we give least importance to however that does not undermine its importance in our lives. To be able to do our best with the little time that we have on earth we need to have a healthy body which is not only free of fat but is fit too.How o we achieve that? Everything seems to be so expensive these days and everything seems to ask for some type of an investment. Yes, even here you will be asked for an investment – of your time. However there are small steps that can be taken for a better future, for a better tomorrow with Health and Fitness and diet. The three aspects of health, fitness and weight loss are like three sides of a triangle, all are necessary and all are connected to each other.If you are not fit, you may need weight loss and you may not be healthy and vice versa. Given below are a few tips that can be very useful if you follow them religiously
The best way to start a diet is to start it on a Monday. Since Monday is a work day and the rest of the days are work days the diet somehow becomes easier.
Include some form of Health and Fitness and weight loss exercise for each member of the family. You could try various cardio exercises like swimming, running, biking or even aerobics. People who like to jump rope will be surprised to know that jumping rope the right way can lead to burning of calories twice as fast. Sprinting or even power running too is an awesome way of melting off flab day by day.
Put the whole family on a diet at once. This helps keep everyone motivated and also sets a lifestyle for everyone. You will be teaching your entire family the importance of a healthy, fit lifestyle as well as you will be aiding their weight loss if any.
Include a lot of fibre in your food. Try a lot of veggies and fruits which are known to have a high content fibre. Also do not forget that even proteins should be an important part of the meal. Try Health and Fitness and weight loss recipes Even though carbohydrates are said to be bad, they need to be included in a meal in small portions so that people have the energy to work and the body also gets what it needs.
Include the rule of drinking a lot of water into every one’s regime. Many of us ignore this very important rule of being healthy our body needs to stay hydrated at all times. Drinking a lot of water also increases the rate of metabolism which in turn burns fat as well. Drink about 2 litres of water minimum daily. This not only keeps you healthy but also improves the way your skin looks and has millions of other advantages.Health and Fitness and obesity are important aspects and one cannot be achieved without the other. Take care to include all three in your life today!

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