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Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling during the holidays has its pros and cons, but if you don’t plan your trip correctly, there will be a lot more cons than pros. While proper planning can be time-consuming, it’s still worthwhile.Either you’re going to see family … Continue reading

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Rental Property Management – It Will Make Or Break Your Rental Property Investment Business

Don’t get freaked out about the term “rental property management”, it sounds threatening but all it really means is:A game plan to keep your rentals headache free, cash flow animal .Does that sound a little better than rental property management?You … Continue reading

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Lower Blood Pressure For The Lifestyle – Challenged

Do you want a lifestyle prescription or do you want lower blood pressure? “Lose weight! Exercise! Stop eating junk from fast food joints!” Don’t you get tired of hearing it sometimes? Sure, we all know the importance of a healthy … Continue reading

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